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Fico dropped 45 points for closed cc?

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Fico dropped 45 points for closed cc?

I need help! I have a American Signature Furniture cc from Comenity bank with a 1, 880 balace never late, I have this card since Feb 2012. Recently I received a letter from Comenity bank stating this:
"Comenity Bank issues your American Signature Furniture credit card, and we handle all account-related matters.
We regret to inform you that the American Signature Furniture credit card account program issued by Comenity Bank will be discontinued effective April 1, 2013. We genuinely regret any inconvenience this may cause you.
They also stated that the account will be closed but I can continue making payment.
The reported the account "closed by grantor" and my fico score dropped 45 points... What can I do?
I have 5 credit cards in good standing never late, student loans good standing and a carl loan also never late...
Fico went from 651 to 606 :-(

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Re: Fico dropped 45 points for closed cc?

     Sorry to hear that. Part of the reason is your overall CL went down so if you have any balances your util% went up and that hurt you.

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