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Fico max out CC %

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Re: Fico max out CC %

@RobertEG wrote:


The FICO impact will "go away" once the util is paid down, as % util of CL is not based on prior util levels.

That being said, it brings to mind another question...


If SOMEONE (no names, please... Smiley Tongue) were carrying significantly more than 90% util on quite a few cards, then paid them down so that NO account reported over 90%, one would expect a measurable increase in FICO score once the new information reported, right?


How measurable?


Just wondering.


For a friend.



02/01/24 Fico 8: EX 757, EQ 803, TU 783.
Fico 9: EX 760 12/16/23, EQ 790 02/04/24, TU No idea.

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