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Gain in Scores

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Gain in Scores

I am trying to understad the details. How long it will take to for scores to start climbing after all the Collections removed and COs paid or settled. Now all CO accounts have $0 as balance. When can we start seeing the scores climb up and how long it would take them. Thanks for your input.

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Re: Gain in Scores

@Red1Blue - please provide more information so the community can provide some guidance. The answer you're looking for isn't quite as black and white since no profile is ever the same and you provided no details. This is like asking how sweet will my coffee taste after I add a spoonful of sugar. No one knows if I have a small, medium or large cup of coffee.


Things that help are like the overall age of your profile, how many collection items are we talking here, what is your present utilization, what scores are we even looking at? FICO 8, FICO 9?

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Re: Gain in Scores

Just like anything else. Once they report. The cra's will calculate your new scores. Your util will drop due to paying off the CO's. So small gains there. But the CO status will still ding you. No more collections will also help. Most PFD CA's will post paid the first month and then the next month it will be deleted. So at most 60 days.

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