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Getting CC Companies to Update Balances


Getting CC Companies to Update Balances

I've worked hard these past 3 months at paying all my CC debt to under 10% utilization.  I've worked my way down from 95% all the way to about 28%.  Some of my CCs have reported my new balances of just a couple of dollars.  Smiley Happy  But two, HSBC and Chase still have my high balances from over a year ago that are at about 90-95% utilization.  I've attempted to contact customer service for both, but they always give me the run around saying that they updated balances periodically and most people see there's change every couple of months.  Are there any ways I can get them to reflect my new balance (sometime soon?)  I'm so very close to breaking my goal of 700 and I can't wait to make it there. 
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Re: Getting CC Companies to Update Balances

Dispute them as wrong balance.
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