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The last time I check my credit score I believe it was in November and it was 659. I only had one account open ever, so I was just building credit. Now I am in the market to buy a new car but I check my credit score and it is 574 with experian. 


I saw with Experian Credit Report that I had a Derogatory in the amount of $179 since October, from a Community College I previously attended. This is a mistake and I will taken the correct measures to fix it quickly however when I take it off what will my score be, and how long will it take for it to be off. I have only one other account and it is Current. 


Also I had a credit report from TransUnion just last month which doesnt show the Derogaroty statement from the Community College. Should I check my transunion score? 


Is MYFico good enough to pay for. 

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Are you willing to wait for a few months on that car while you work on your credit reports -- getting to know what's on them. seeing if you can improve them etc?  When is the latest you could delay this purchase?  (Remembering that if the delay causes your reports to get all clean and attractive, it will help you get the loan you want at the rate you want.)


If so, the first thing I would do is start pulling your credit reports: Equifax (EQ), TransUnion (TU), and Experian (EX).  You'll be wanting to see what is on all three and get all three fixed up.  You'll also want to see regular updates on these reports as you continue to work on them.  I'd also see if you can get a mentor here to help you with the process of removing the derogs.


Personally I would go with a cost-free solution solution rather than paying a lot of money to myFICO.  I am not bashing their credit monitoring products.  They are fine.  It's just that they cost money and they aren't a good fit for you right this moment.  What you need is to be able to pull your reports frequently while you work on getting them clean.


A good fit would be Credit Karma (for the TU and EQ reports).  You can also get an EX report for free once a month.  Somebody here will remind us what the link is for that.


Once you start feeling good about your reports, I'd consider getting a three-burea pull from Credit Check Total to see your three FICO 8 scores.  You can get that through their $1 free trial.


Do you have a credit card or two?  Do you have any open installment loans?



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For free EX monthly report you can go to Experian directly, just google it, but I do recommend, Experian bought them (or consumerinfo) and you will get a free EX report and free EX FICO score once every 30 days at login time (that means that if you didn't login until day 40, then they will update your report/score that day).


I don't know if they will keep offering freecreditscore in the future.


Remember, if you get your free report only from Experian directly or from, then you will not be able to get a new account for your free credit report AND credit score at, the site will tell you that you already have an account because now all 3 sites are the same company (you can see a green secure name/certificate when you browse them, the browser will report a green lock, because they are https sites, with the name Experian PLC).

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OP, where exactly were you obtaining the scores you mentioned above from?

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