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Help/Advice on charged off account.

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Help/Advice on charged off account.

So I have a question about an account on my EQ report and how it's effecting my score (currently 592 EQ on Myfico). It's an unpaid charge off for $28. The other account that's negative on there is a paid collection, so I'm also trying to GW that off. At any rate, on the unpaid charge off, I have tried to PFD a few times, but they won't budge. So are they just reporting lates constantly and it dragging my score down? As the account ages, it has less and less of an impact, but are these lates still killing me everytime they post, regardless of age? I just wasn't sure how this all worked, and how to deal with it, so I took some screen shots and thought I'd ask some experts on here. Any help/advice is appreciated. Thanks!


Credit AccountScana


Status as ofDate opened [?]Date of last activity [?]Largest past balance [?]Account Type [?]Account holder [?]Industry
Feb, 2013
May, 2009
Sep, 2010
Open Account
Electrical Light & Power
Descriptions [?]
  • Consumer disputes - reinvestigation in progress
  • Charged off account

No contact information provided by Equifax

Balance [?] Current Status [?] Past Due Amount [?]
$28Bad debt/collection$28
Seven year payment history [?]30 days late60 days late90+ days late
0 times
0 times
26 times (Dec 2012, Nov 2012, Oct 2012, Sep 2012, Aug 2012, Jul 2012, Jun 2012, May 2012, Apr 2012, Mar 2012, Feb 2012, Jan 2012, Dec 2011, Nov 2011, Oct 2011, Sep 2011, Aug 2011, Jul 2011, Jun 2011, May 2011, Apr 2011, Mar 2011, Feb 2011)
Recent payment history [?]2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 12011 2012 2013
Legend:Current paidCurrently paid as agreed
Worst Delinquency [?]
Bad debt/collection

  Open Accounts Accounts

Company Account number Date opened Balance Status Negative Indicator? [?]  

Credit Card5/3 Bank 7/2011$230Pays account as agreedNoDetails
Credit Card5/3 Bank 3/2012$0Pays account as agreedNoDetails
Credit Card5/3 Bank 3/2012$0Pays account as agreedNoDetails
OtherScana 5/2009$28Bad debt/collectionThis account has late payments in the pastDetails
OtherGa Power 4/2009$0120+ days past dueThis account has late payments in the pastDetails
OtherAhf 10/2002$0Pays account as agreedNoDetails
Vehicle LoanAhfXXXXX29226/2012$21,332Pays account as agreedNo


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Re: Help/Advice on charged off account.

Until you pay it, they can continue to report you late every month.  Yes, the lates will impact your score until paid and closed.  Once it is closed they cannot continue to report lates.

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Re: Help/Advice on charged off account.

Is it going to hurt my score when I pay it?  And does that effect the date the account can filnally be deleted?  I wasn't sure if it changed any of those things. Thanks for the quick reply! I appreciate it!

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