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How can FICO score not change in 30 days?

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Re: How can FICO score not change in 30 days?

Hi Madison,
I can totally relate to your story.  I am in a similiar situation where I am looking to get a mortgage and I am currently struggling to get my middle score up to 680 from 603 in 4 to 5 months.  I recently convinced my CCC to increase my credit limit from 1500 to 3500 without running my credit so I wouldn't take a hit on the inquiry.  My current balance on the card is $150.00 and my total utilization on revolving and installments is under 10%.  Although, all three agencies show the CL increase I have yet to realize an increase in my FICO.
How long from the time the CL increase reported did you actually see an increase in the FICO score?
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The score watching products are all very suspicious in their behaviour

I'm subscribed to Equifax, myFICO, and Experian's products (through
At first I thought I had discovered that Equifax updated the day before myFICO, and that explained some timing / scoring issues I had seen.  The first couple of updates seemed to hit EQ first, and then myFICO lagged.
But neither score had changed for a couple of weeks - even though 1/2 of my CC's reported for January (confirmed through the EX detailed report).  At first I was worried that the payoffs I had done weren't going to have any impact on my score.
So I ran the remaining free report from myFICO, and suddenly my score had jumped 11 points!  Even though ScoreWatch was set up with all of the targets, and the score change took me across a threshold (692 to 703), neither myFICO or Equifax updated my score.
In the 4 days since that's happened though, I've gotten 1-2 updates with both EQ and SW, and neither one has made any sense...  But at least they're updated!
I'm convinced that the only way to know what your score is that day is to pay for the full report.  Which stinks.
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Re: How can FICO score not change in 30 days?

You are right, VIC!  Dont you suspect that it might be because CCCs are in the business of making money, and negative posts give them the ability to yank up rates, while positive actions only help the consumer?  Hmmmmm.  Capitalism 101.
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Re: How can FICO score not change in 30 days?

Hmmmmm..... I wonder if there is a Bolshevik Scoring Model for those that are FICO oppressed? Right now, my scores wouldn't qualify for my Gulag summer home. LOL. Smiley Happy
"Never ever, ever be late. Never" (FUTR)
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You are charitable in your choice of words-

     You mention that the powers-that-be "might" be slow to post positive info because it helps the consumer, rather than those who profit off the consumer. Your choice of words is far more generous than they deserve. I think the only reason positive info is EVER posted is because eventually, the system would break down if financial institutions got uniformly negative data. That doesn't mean they won't stretch out the time lag as much as possible for the essentially powerless individual consumer, as compared to the very powerful financial institutions.
     In a perfect world, the timing of info posting would be mandated to one standard set of rules, whether positive or negative.
     Just my humble opinion- not worth the viewscreen photons it's printed on- Vic
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