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How do I keep my 728 score

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How do I keep my 728 score

I started my endevour in December 2011, credit score 554,  27 Negative items, 3 judgments and 16+ inquiry's, I was planning to file BK BUT I found you wonderful people And started plugging away (literally day AND night) . I now have ZERO negative items, no judgments, 9 inquiry's removed.  Credit score today: 728.


I have learned everything From credit builder accounts, authorized user additions, PFD, GW letters..etc. etc. etc. etc. Etc !


So here I am sitting pretty, $6500 CL's from $300 CL's.., I am getting carried away, I'm not sure I can manage  this amount of credit, the temptations seems to be too much for me at this juncture.   I have the credit, how do I keep it?? Because I can't. CuT up the cards and let it sit in a drawer now can I? How often do I use it.  Will my credit remain the same if I just start to pay on it? (YMMV) 


Additionally, I am buying my first home now, shouldn't that actually help my credit score? 


Ay advice, experiences, help will be forever appreciated ..

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Re: How do I keep my 728 score

Every time you think about buying something or applying think about that house you pushed farther back.


You can apply for CCs but make the right choice and think about the long term commitment. 


Keep your UTI low across all cards preferably below 10%, garden and watch your score go higher


Also congrats on your success 

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Re: How do I keep my 728 score

If you have any autopayments, set 1 payment per card for all but one, and set up your bank to automatically pay off that. Take those cards and freeze them in ice in your fridge. Take your lower limit card and put your everyday expenses on it but also start a budget. Add every purchase onto that budget, psychologically, you'd be amazed how quickly you develop a desire to CUT your expenditures when you see just where (and how fast) your money goes. 


Don't forget, you don't have to spend every dollar in your budget. Pay yourself first. Your first entry on your budget should be the amount of money you're putting into your savings/investments. Then your monthly expenfiture. The rest is your cushion, ehich you should keep in your checking account. It adds up and eventually you'll have a buffer.

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Re: How do I keep my 728 score

I only use one CC a month. I only make a small purchase with it. I alternate cards monthly. My scores sit between 790-810 and fluctuate in that range.
Good Luck
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