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How likely to affect my scores?

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How likely to affect my scores?

I had an account that was only showing up on my Experian report.  It was an old furniture store credit card account that was paid and closed 2 years ago after some lates and going to collection (long story, but I was stupid and allowed an ex to use my account, and I did not know he was not paying the bill until it was too late).  Recently I saw on my report that Experian was showing "KD" (Key Derogatory) on that account again for April 2013 (after showing "OK" since June 2011).  After getting some good advice on this site, I called and got it straightened out with the furniture company, who said it was an error and the late payment information would be removed from my reports at all three credit bureaus.  I assume they mean just the recent late payment information from April 2013, and not the previous baddies from March/April 2011.  It hasn't hit my reports yet as this conversation occurred today, so I can't see exactly what "late payment information" was removed.


Here's my question:  this baddie was only reporting to one credit bureau (EX) - the account has never shown up on TU or EQ.  By virtue of the furniture company sending something to all three bureaus to "fix" this error, will that account now start showing upon TU and EQ also?  And if so, will the negative information from back in 2011 start reporting on TU and EQ and affect my scores?  Right now my scores are 707 EQ, 713 TU and 717 EX FAKO (Plus score).  I'm worried my TU and EQ scores will pull back under 700 again...


btw, TU and EQ do show a few other baddies from 2010 - two very small paid medical collections that I'm working on goodwilling.  Those were paid in May 2010.  So, if this old furniture baddie hits those reports, it won't be the only collection account.  Ugh.


Any and all advice is appreciated!

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Re: How likely to affect my scores?

It could report to the other two, but I think that it very unlikely. If they were open in helping you thus far they won't go to the length of reporting negative info to the other two. Even if they did a calm and friendly call back with an explanation should easily work itself out. Impact to FICO? It is a YMMV-thing based on what else is reporting and how it reports.



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Re: How likely to affect my scores?

Thank you so much for responding. Guess ill see what pops up on my reports. Depending on the situation, I have a GW letter ready to go for the older lates.

As far as Fico impact, I have AAoA of over 12 years, less than 1% utility on my two credit cards (total limits around 25k), 2 inquiries in the last two years, and over 20 trade lines reporting positively (mortgages, cars, old store cards that I cancelled long ago). A few lates that are around 3 years old and the two small paid med collections (also over 3 years old) are the baddies on my report.

Thank you again for responding. 'Im new here and still trying to figure out exactly how scoring/reporting works!
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