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How to find out specific late payment.

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How to find out specific late payment.



I ordered the transunion report. It says that I have a delinquent payment which is impacting my score but not giving me info on the delinquent payment, like when it was and whom it was to. How can I find out about this info? Also, how long do you think this would impact my score?

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Re: How to find out specific late payment.

Your credit report will show account details for each creditor/account.

Under each account, the current status will be reported, which will show either paid or pays as agreed (good-standing), of will report the level of current delinquency, such as 30-late, 60-late, etc.

In additon to current status under each account, the account status for prior months will also show under the payment history profile, which shows a grid of prior months, and its status at that point in time.


Check the detailed reporting for each account to find the current and prior delinquency status that forms the basis for their summary statement that you have a delinquency, past or current, that is affecting your score.


If your commercial credit report does not show delinquencies for some reason, then get a copy of your comprehensive report from the government-sanctioned site at, which is usually more complete.

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