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I need a co-signer

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I need a co-signer

Right now my credit score is in the 640's. I've tried to get a loan for $50K for flight School. I'm going to go fly commercial airliners. Right now I need to get the ratings. The banks are looking at my score which is bad. The biggest problem is my chapter 13 which I'm still in, probably until February which is when I'm planning to pay it all off. How much should my score go up after it's paid off. Right now I'm also paying on a car that's in my parents name. So that is helping there credit. How do I get that in my name with a ch 13 so it can help my credit. It sucks that they don't look at the job your in. I'm making the money now. I opened up one credit about two months ago and my scored dropped 9 points, I made a big first payment and it went up 7 points. I'd like to get my score over 700. Any clues how?
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Re: I need a co-signer

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