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IIB Account Updated and Dropped Score?

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Re: IIB Account Updated and Dropped Score?

@Anonymous wrote:

Good to see that they fixed it. I have been nervous about a dispute I have in for my ACS student loans which have the wrong dates and what will happen if it gets refreshed somehow. I pulled my reports from annual credit report before I did the disputes though so if it happens, I’ll just do that too. Smiley Happy

I was able to pull my others up and TU shows it was refreshed the same time, but didn't seem to do anything to that score.  EQ is still showing a last report date of 12/18 (some reason, it's getting monthly updates still?), so I'm not sure if/when that one gets refreshed to this month if it'll make any change.  Guessing not though, since they do seem to be getting updated every month.


Experian actually cleared everything, including the 30/60/90/120/FP/FP that was on it, like seen in my SS above.  Now it just shows March > December of '12 with a 'N' in December, but still counting as a negative/missed payment on my score as I didn't gain anything from it and still showing 2 accounts as ever late.  Like I said, I was never disputing any of that what so ever and made it clear in my comment!  So not sure if by them doing that it actually changed something that shouldn't have been or if it's basically still all the same since that 'N' is still there.  And if it did benefit me in some way I'm not noticing, not sure if I want or need to try to rectify it in fear they'll put it back to the incorrect 26 point drop reporting.


I mean, I did show them exact SS's of what I agreed it should be and felt like I was as clear as I could be in limited characters.  They did all this on their own.  

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Re: IIB Account Updated and Dropped Score?

Kinda just posting an update for those that replied to this thread and for future reference.

I logged into Experian the other day (24th) and noticed I had an alert stating that my account dispute was opened.  I thought "WT2!?!".  So I went and looked and sure enough, the new alert said a NEW dispute for this was opened.  I went to the dispute center and all it showed was the original one and as completed and absolutely no others.  So wasn't sure if it was some sort of glitch or what, so kind of ignored it.

FF to today and I log in and have 2 new alerts stating I had an update and the results were ready.  My dispute center now actually has 2 listed in there and both are complete.  My score didn't take any sort of hit and the before/after looks identical, so not sure what happened.  All I know is that I didn't initiate this second one as I was happy with the first results, just happy that this second one didn't yield different results.

Hopefully no other disputes for this magically open in the next few days and this issue is considered resolved.

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