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Is This Normal?

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Is This Normal?

For 29 months now I've had two secured cards open and my payments have been perfect and my debt-to-credit ratio is pristine. Been using credit karma for a long time but earlier this month decided to pull fico scores because I think I may be applying for a mortgage sometime within the next few months or so. Pulled my Equifax on 10/2 and just pulled my Transunion and I'm shocked at the difference:




Besides the substantial gap of nearly 60 points, I'm also very surprised at what myfico tells me when I look deeper. It tells me on BOTH scores that they are both just slightly below average. In fact, the entire description of both scores is identical. By the way, nothing major occured in the 22 days between pulling these two scores. One of my two very small credit card billing cycles closed and reported with a $2.00 increase but that's it. 


Two Questions:


1) Is this normal?


2) How can myfico be giving me the exact same description of both credit scores with a 60 point gap? Both scores are "good" on the speedometer graphic (on the bottom of every page) and both descriptions of the score state they are slightly below average.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Is This Normal?

There seems to be about 3 weeks between the 2.  Has anything fallen off your CRs in that time.  Is there different reporting between the two?

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Re: Is This Normal?

What kind of lates, baddies, charge offs, collections do you have? Do you have any judgments?  There is/are some distinct differences we do not see here, all of which are scored / handled differently between the two companies.

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Re: Is This Normal?

Ditto to the above...


And I'll add that even if all 3 reports were EXACTLY alike, which must include the same balances, same accts, same dates, same inquiries, same everything, all 3 FICO scores will not match because the 3 formulas are not the same.


Definitely worth a review though. Even seemingly small things like an acct on one and not the other, different balances, different dates, different stati, can all produce large point differences.

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