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Isn't it weird?

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Isn't it weird?

My utilization decreased by 16% (from 29% to 13%) but my score only increased by 2 points (from 638 to 640). Isn't it weird?


I've never observed such phenomenon with my FICO score in the past. Here's how my profile look like:


No. of CC: 4

AAoA: 8 months

Oldest account: 1 year

Inquiries: 19


Has anyone ever noticed the above happening with their FICO in the past?

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Re: Isn't it weird?

I'm in a similar stage of credit building/rebuilding as you, and even larger fluctuations in my utilization numbers have produced similar marginal gains (and losses).

Utilization affects individuals differently, in our cases just not that much and 29% is not a horrifying number to begin with. You may get another bump under 10% but this is fine tuning one's FICO.

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Re: Isn't it weird?

Question was your credit utiliization listed in four of the four reasons on your FICO score.  The scre reasons are listed in the order of imact on the score.

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