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MyFico Simulator question..

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MyFico Simulator question..

Anyone use this and then track your results compared to the simulated responses?

It does give a 30 point swing in the range, but I was still curious.

Thx in advance.
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Re: MyFico Simulator question..

I've used the fico simulatorbut have never tracked the results.  The problem with the my fico tracker and many others is they only let you change one variable andthey never even list all the variables.  For instance, you can simulate adding a new cc but you can't simulate adding a new cc AND adding a new inq - which would be what would happen in real life.  Simulators also rarelyinclude an option for total number of lates decreasing and I've yet to see one that will let you simulate deleting an entire negative acct.  that said, the my fico simulator seems to be a better indicator of whether your score will go up or down than other simulators I've seen.  for instance on CK if I simulate 'paying on time for 24 months' my simulated score always goes down.

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