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Need Advice

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Need Advice

I have a credit card that had a cl of 4000. I recently paid $2200 on it leaving me with a balance of $1800.  Should I see a big increase in my credit score once this payment is updated with the cra's?  Also I sent a PFD letter for a collection account, if they agree to delete account will that also impact my credit score?
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Re: Need Advice

Good job on the pmt. You'll see a small score bump on your CC, assuming that is your only CC and that you don't have any CC charge-offs. YMMV and would also depend on overall credit. 10 pts maybe? If you were to pay it by 800 more, I believe you'll see a higher bump (again assuming only card) as your util is under 35%.
The CA removal will help. It would depend  on how many you have now and how new or old it is. Some people  have reported 50+pt jumps with a removal. My very first removal of 5 reporting then resulted in a 5 pt gain.
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