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Need some tips

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Need some tips

Ok here is what my credit looks like through TU.


Civil Judgement   10/2008   619


CA                           09/2005   232


Chase   (charge off)   1931 (estimated to be removed 07/2010


CMI                          01/2007  165


DEBT Recovery     06/2008  210


Elite Financial        11/2008  902


CA                             09/2009 109


Ford Motor               22,991    (repossession,redeemed)  Closed 07/2008


Harris and Harris   12/2009 395


LVNV funding           3284       (estimated to be removed 08/2010


Valley bank               2147      paid in full no late payments 12/2003


Credit union              9038     paid in full no late payments  03/2000



So the 3 that I have not paid in full are LVNV Funding, Chase, and Elite.  Elite finacial I am currently suing for defomation of character (with the help of a lawyer) so until it goes through court it will have to stay on my credit.


I have recently paid everything else in full.


So here are my questions. Even though I paid the CA can i ask them to delete it of my credit with a GW letter or can I dispute the claim throught the CRA's?


I have no revolving credit at all, no credit cards,auto loans, no loans at all.


My credit scores are TU 490  Exuifax 580   Experian 600 as of 5 days ago.


I am about to purchase an automobile at a sub prime rate which i understand but what can I do to start bringing my score up? I am hoping that everything that I paid will show paid in full next month along with a new auto loan being paid on time. I have also been thinking of getting the Orchard pre paid credit card and just not using it.


Any comments or questions are appreciated and thank you to everybody for their time.

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Re: Need some tips

For two reasons, you normally cant dispute a paid CA with the CRAs.  First, a dispute is based on inaccurate or incomplete reporting, and only goes to the item of information in your CR that is being disputed. If the debt was accurate, then there is no dipsute of the posting of its collection.  Second, you have paid the debt, which , by your acquiescence, is considered as agreement that you owed it, and also leaves no remaining debt to contest.

Your only chance now is to ask them for GW deletion.

As far as briging your score advice to you now is to be just as concerned with your score potentially going down.  The Chase CO could easily become a new CA.  The unpaid CAs can still lead to legal action, so be sure of your SOL on each, in sddition to when it will fall from your CR. 

Getting into the good credit range will require you, at some point, to establish revolving credit (credit cards).  You mght want to consider a low CL. secured card to begin establiing revolving credt.  Just be sure to pay it off each month.  FICO does not score the actual CL on the card, only its % util.




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