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Need to boost my score by 11 points quick

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Re: Need to boost my score by 11 points quick

If you can pay them all off and let one report a balance of <8% each month. You'll see a whole lot more than 11 points. As @RSX said your at 74% aggregate. Get that below 8% and you could see possibly 20-30+ pts. More points, higher scores, lower APR, less interest over 30 yrs. Not to just get in with the min will save you so much over the life of the loan. And the interest your paying now on those balances is throwing money away. You'll never see it again.

Homeowner Sept 2020. 2021 Explorer ST Chase 3.1%. Sharing my recovery after BK from learning here. Started 540's. EX FICO 9 801 as of 05/03/2023. I stayed around to pay it forward for those who helped me back then.
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