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New CC User: When To Pay CC Monthly Bill

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New CC User: When To Pay CC Monthly Bill

So I've been cleaning my credit and now have 2 new unsecured Credit Cards.  One with a $300 Limit, the other with $500 limit.  I've heard mostly its about utilization.  5-9% of utilation boosts your score.  I've been told leave a balance on one, and keep the others on paid before statement or on 0% util, then rotate month to month. 


First, is there any more info on this I should be aware of?  Then, my main question is when exactly to pay? In order for it to be reported, it sounds like paying late then having interest added is how to get the CB's to report the utilization?  I been told to wait until the statement is cut,then pay.  To be honest, I'm still a bit confused on exactly how to do this.  I think I need to know step-by-step, when to pay, in order for the utilization to be reported. Please excuse me as this is new to me and I certainly do not want to mess this up.  Any advice is appreciated.

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Re: New CC User: When To Pay CC Monthly Bill

For a balance to report to the CRA, you just need the statement to cut with a balance on it. You can pay that balance once the statement does cut, and definetly pay at least the payment due amount by the due date on the statement.


Rotating two cards won't work as you will either have both reporting a balance or neither one reporting a balance for part of the month, unless they both cut statments at the same time. Just pick one and let the statement cut with a balance on it every month. You can use the other card just PIF before the statement cuts.



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Re: New CC User: When To Pay CC Monthly Bill

This is something I had to figure out myself just by looking at my cc acount and credit report every month. This is how I do mine:


Due Date - 18th

Statement date - 21st to 24th (changes each month)


Whatever you do, make sure you pay at least the minimum payment by the due date. Never pay late.

I get paid every 15th so I make a payment every 15th, but somethimes I make payments during the month if I charge a lot that month.


If I want to carry a balance to show uitl:


Due date - 18th

Payment made - 15th - for less than the total balance

Statement date - 23rd - will show a balance with interest on whatever portion I didn't pay


If you want to show zero balance, pay your entire balance on or before the due date.


I hope this helps.

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Re: New CC User: When To Pay CC Monthly Bill

Thank u 2 for the advice. I think I learned more. My one statement apparently is ready today. I was approved for the card on the 4th so it cut sooner than i thought. I didnt use it to this point yet though.
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