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Old charge-offs

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Old charge-offs

FYI for those who have old charge offs:


I appealed a charge-off from 2008 a couple months ago. My scores were around 700 before. I'm not sure if my score went up a lot (I'll check them in 6 months), but I'm getting more credit card offers now, so getting rid of old charge-offs still makes a difference, if not to your score, to certain people (CC companies).



Starting Score: EQ 660, TU 698 | 30-Jan 2011
Current Score: EX ???, EQ ???, TU 822 | 11-Aug 2015
Goal Score:EX 700, EQ 700, TU 720 | 30-Jan 2011
Goal Score:
EX 800, EQ 800, TU 843 | 30-Aug 2015
***High Score:TU 843 - Dec 2014 ***
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