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Old, paid & closed accounts updating as "Transferred or Sold"?

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Old, paid & closed accounts updating as "Transferred or Sold"?

I just got a ScoreWatch alert that my score has decreased by 13 pts. The items they listed as changed were paid, closed accounts from 2008 & 2009. (3 of them from Citizen's Financial Services) All 3 accounts were updated to state "Account transferred or sold" vs the original citation of "Closed or Paid Account/Zero Balance".  The reason given for the score decrease states "You recently missed a payment or the date of your most recent missed payment is unknown". Obviously, I did not miss any payments on these accounts since they have been paid and closed for years. I have not missed any other payments recently either. I was expecting a score drop due to increased utilitzation but it has not shown on my score alerts yet? Should I dispute these updates since obviously there is no reason to sell or transfer a closed, paid account. Will I get these points back?

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Re: Old, paid & closed accounts updating as "Transferred or Sold"?

Well, I pulled my report because it was driving me crazy and they have the oldest account (which was actually paid off in Nov 07)reported as 30 days late in Oct 12 so I guess that was it. I cannot believe how many errors keep cropping up on my reports. It is really ridiculous!

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