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Paying off old accounts

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Paying off old accounts

I have a few old accounts that I could really use some advise on. One for $530.00 with the last reported activity in Feb. 05 the other being 75.00 from a bank account that was closed when I moved and due to the lack of dicipline on my part I still had a 75.00 check out that I forgot about and I did not recieve the info in the mail secondary to moving. That account is now listed as a charge-off as of Oct06?  Do I contact these people and pay them off or let them be? Also I have heard that it is better to try to pay the creditor directly instead of paying off collection agencies? Thanks for the help.
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Re: Paying off old accounts

Try for a PFD.

Try the OC first- if they have "Sold" the account they can't take your PFD.

Do not call Collection agency's.
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