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Public Record

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Re: Public Record

that's what's weird because under public records it clearly says "you have no public records" and this is only with the score report I get from myfico.
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Re: Public Record

ktl55 wrote:
I was disecting my Exp Fico Score report and I noticed that under "what's hurting you Fico Score" it says "you have a public record AND collection on your credit repot" then when I go to the section that list "public records" it says "you have no public records". I have never had a BK, tax lein, judgement or any or any other public record in my entire life. Why is this report saying such a thing. BTW - this is the only report that has that line.

You've uncovered an error in the new myFICO report format.  It should have said "You have a public record OR collection on your credit report.
As with the revolving utilization text error pointed out elsewhere here, the fix for this text error is scheduled to be implemented very soon as a high priority.
Sorry for the confusion.  I'll let the community know when these fixes takes place and if you contact me via PM I'll provide you with a complimentary updated report and score.

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