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Response For Member Suggestion

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Response For Member Suggestion

I recently sent an email to the VP that is over Fico scoring and got a response back. One, will the new 9 model include mortgage loans? The second one, the monthly or quarterly monitoring only updates the model 8 Fico score but not all the other models. So it is being looked into and here is a copied a pasted response from that person.


My understanding is that the decision for the mortgage industry to migrate to FICO Score 9 model involves many different regulatory and governmental agencies at the federal level.  To be honest, I can’t really predict what (or when) they will decide.


MyFICO does offer a solution that includes a monthly update of all 28 score versions (but only FICO Score 8 is returned when a monitoring alert triggers).  I have forwarded your suggestion to the product team.

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