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Revolving Accounts vs Installment loans?

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Revolving Accounts vs Installment loans?

TU- 710, EQ-709


MyFico reports show TU revolving balance at 27% and EQ at 12%.  The revolving balances shown in the report are similar TU= $2932 and EQ= $2618.  The only account that is different is a loan from my CU which is only reporting to TU.  This is a $5000 personal loan with a $4900 balance and it is being reported as an overdraft account.  My question: Is this included in my revolving debt util?  The loan is not reflected in the revolving balance or the installment balance on the summary page.  Also, on my EX report directly from them the CU loan is listed as an installment account.  Can I have this reported differently to TU?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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