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SW score fluctuation...confusedi

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SW score fluctuation...confusedi

for the past month, my EQ score started at 702 then the following week, up to 707. Then one week later back down to 702. Then last week bumped up again to 707. But then i just got another SW alert saying im back down to 702. The first week, when it went from 704 to 702, i know it was because my util went up to about 40%...but then got it paid down to about 20% so it went back up to 707 when balances was updated on my cr. But since then, ive also noticed that 3 out of 4 of my oldest closed accounts have aged off my report. Aside from those closed accounts dropping off, nothing else has changed on my EQ report. Could I have been rebucketed?...causing my score to go back down to 702? If thats the makes sense. But what would make it go back up to 707 a week later...and then down to 702 again less than a week later? i dont get it because nothing else has changed on my credit profile the last 2 weeks of the fluctuation.. 

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Re: SW score fluctuation...confusedi

You're just going to see those rollercoaster scores for a bit.  There's some fluxuation as things age and changes.  I wouldn't worry about a few points here and there.  Mine does the same thing it seems.

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Re: SW score fluctuation...confusedi

whew! i thought there was something else about it. it was just weird that it goes back and forth to the same exact scores. at least i know im not the only one going through mysterious score fluctuation. thanks for the response Shogun!

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