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Score Help and better understanding?

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Score Help and better understanding?

Positive Factors You have no late payments reported on your credit accounts You have a low proportion of balances to credit limits on your revolving accounts Negative Factors The length of time your accounts have been established is relatively short You have recently been seeking credit or other services, as reflected by the number of inquiries posted on your credit file in the last 12 months. I was in dire need of a car loan to replace my stolen car. I sought out alot of different agencies. I went from a 4.5apr to a 10.5apr. I have paid off all my credit cards and loans except for my auto loan and a personal loan. I locked my credit cards away tell auto loan is paid off I was at a 696. I recently tried to get a chevron credit card for gas because I drive alot and i needed some gas rewards aka California is high. After submitting my request i dropped some points. Im and wondering with all the car loan requests i submitted trying to get one real qucik that every credit/loan request from now on tell September 2007 is going to drop my score? Im trying to get to a 700 or 720 by beginning of 2008. Car has 9600 left est 295 a month, but i pay 1g to 1.5g to pay the car off quicker personal loan has 1500 est 144.99 every 15th this is to keep my credit score going up since it automatically taken out every month So Basically i need to get to the point how long to inquires stay in the system before they are erased and or no longer effect your credit. 12 months per inquiry or EVERY JAN 1 fiscal year. I manage my money(loans, cards, cash, savings, investments) through quicken. To keep things easier to track then to visit 7 different websites to check balances and do payments. 10/2006 - 596 12/2006 - 696 04/2007 - 689 I have only been banking for about 3 years now and now also having almost everything paid of and have a fixed loan to keep the score going. Why isnt it over a 700/720.
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Inquiries stay on your report for 2 years from the date t...

Inquiries stay on your report for 2 years from the date the occur but they do not affect your score drastically.  Most lenders look at inquiries in the past 6 mos. Though some do the full 12.  they sat on Sept - sept Jan - Jan.  I believe its 12 mos plus one day
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