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Score Planning Question

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Re: Score Planning Question

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Thanks guys for the continued advice, still putting the doc together but in short


1. Clear report = No, I have 1-30 day late from Oct 2015. (99% pay history showing)

2. Utility = My sig util is what should be reported, but my FICO utility is reporting at 68%, which hasn't updated yet since my pay offs

3. Time = Credit age is reporting at 4.5 years, but I've recently got approved for 3 cards at the end of Oct, 2 which haven't reported yet


I think my score is about to get worse before getting better once the new cards report, which is scary. However the new limits add 8800$ to my CL's, lowering my util. I am also paying down the christmas card (3k). I expect to see the dust settle in about 3-6 months of this activity

Not including paying down the Christmas card you mentioned, this is what I came up with Utilization wise....I have your total credit at 18.1K based off of your siggy, with the 3.3K utilized.  THat gives the 18% Utilization you mentioned.  With the addition of another 8.8K, your overall total credit would then be 26.9K.  At that point if the same 3.3K utilization reported, your utilization would drop from 18% to 8%.  I believe from that end of it, your score would rise.


Now, we don't know how much it would drop because of the new account reporting.  But that would determine what the difference would be, and if you would ultimately have a jump in your score or drop. 

Well that 18.1k is with the new accounts, those accounts in my sig are all of the CC's i have the new ones not reporting yet are Amex and Amazon Prime. The 18% utilization is my own calculation of where my utilization should be once the new cards report.  Which will hit harder the lower utilization (up) or the two new accounts (down)

Ohhh, I see.  Well, obviously the same thing will apply here, except "maybe" there could be more points given on the utilization side of it, due to more of a dramatic decrease in utilization than I thought going from 68% to 18% rather than the 18% to 8%, as I incorrectly thought.

Niiice, I hope so, I wont be apping credit for at least the next 1-2 years, just sp cli's when I can. 

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