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Score going down!?!!!

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Re: Score going down!?!!!

fico, find out what the late payments are and write GW letters or call up the companies.
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Re: Score going down!?!!!

The big 90+ late from 2001 is from my student loans - Sallie Mae is the lender. That definitely appears to be the mark that AmEx picked up as it the only 90+ on my record I can see. (even tho neither bureau is openly reporting it in my summary)

What is a GW letter? And what exactly would I say to Sallie Mae when I called them?

Also, Equinox stated that one thing working against me was in fact that I have no major cards from the major companies (Visa, MCm etc) open or active. While I have been getting conflicting advice/info on this I am going to try to open a card and keep it minimally active. Do you advise for or against this?

Thank you so much for the continued advice.

ps: I am also scheduled to meet and talk with a financial planner from work on Thursday, hopefully he/she can shed some light on my issues and help out.
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Re: Score going down!?!!!

Searched and found it myself, hehe.

GW = Goodwill letter

I will try that with Sallie Mae. Hopefully considering I have not missed any payments since 2001 and the loan will be off their books in a year or so they won't have any problem helping. We'll see!
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