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Several or Less Credit Card

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Several or Less Credit Card

My goal is to purchase a new car later this year( maybe 6 to 8 months).I was trying to determine which is best. I have 4 credit cards. I have 2 at 13.99% with balances around 1,500 and 800. My other 2 cards  one with no balance with 0% transfer for 12 months and another card with 3,000 with a 7,000 limit which gave me an offer 12 months 0% as well. Is it best to keep everything the same or put the other 2 balances on the cards that have 0%.

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Re: Several or Less Credit Card

FICO scores heavily on CC util and shuffling around balances won't reduce that. For max points, pay off 3 of your 4 CCs, and get the remaining to a balance of under 9% of that CL.

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