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Simulate my score!

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Simulate my score!

Good morning to all!

We’ll be going for a mortgage in May 2020 and I would like to see what some of you think my score COULD be by then. I know mortgage scores are different than FICO 8/9 models but should follow suit somewhat closely. *Purely for entertainment purposes, MF experts likely to be as accurate as any other simulator, probably more so*

FICO 8/9 660-670
10mo post bk7 dc
AAoA: 3y 10m
AoOA: 12y
AoYA: 3m
CC UTIL: <8.9% AZEO across 3 cards (2 cards opened 4/2018, 1 opened 11/2018)
2 installment loans at 74% & 97% owed
1 30d late Jan ‘18 (trying to remove since it was reported during bk, assume it sticks. Shows on TU only)
Inq last 12m: 6

May 2020:
FICO 8/9 ???
25mo post bk7 dc
AAoA: 4.5yr - 5yr
AoOA: 13y
AoYA: 18m
CC UTIL: <8.9% AZEO across 3 cards (2 cards have 25m history, 1 has 18m)
1 installment loan at 7% owed
Inq last 12m: 0

As I understand scoring, several thresholds should be crossed like youngest account reaching >12m, installment loan optimization, bk >24m and AAoA >48m.

Thanks in advance for playing!

ETA: inqs
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Re: Simulate my score!

My guess is 42-63 points, based on 4 factors:

AoYA crossing 12 months = 15-20 points

AAoA increasing 1 year = (say) 5-10 points

Installment loan utilization going to ideal = 10-15 points

6 scoreable inquiries going to 0 = 12-18 points (depends on thier spread across bureaus, though)


This assumes a couple of things are a given.  One, no new inquiries.  Two, no new accounts.  Three, no old accounts drop off, possibly lowering age of accounts if so.  Four, no other negative payment history information introduced to your report. 


The above doesn't at all take into consideration any current baddies aging, which if thresholds are crossed could help improve your scores even more.

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Re: Simulate my score!

Thanks BBS I was actually hoping you’d be one to chime in on this one 😁 That would potentially put it right around 700 at the 2yr post dc mark, pretty much on par with the 700 in 24 months thread
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Re: Simulate my score!

I'm not sure if the removal of a 30D late would have any impact at all on your score with the presence of a (major) BK.  Perhaps others can chime on on that.  I don't really see anything else you can do other than garden and maintain what you've already got going on.  700+ should be within reach.

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