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TU 04 and TU98

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TU 04 and TU98

I had a judgement on my TU and have gotten it removed. It showed up on a lender pull so I wanted to make sure that since I'm not seeing it here on myfico that it couldn't show up under a lender pull for a mtg again under TU98. Also does anyone know how much they differ usually in scores? When my lender pull was done end of Jan it was 561 and it was low here in the 500's but can't remember exactly what, maybe 550. My oldest report here shows 595. I've now gotten it up to 626 on here.

I'm just tying to see if I'm moving along as I should to qualify end of Oct.

My Exq on here is 645 and I don't know my Exp except from the lender pull back in Jan which was 569. I'm disputing an account on Exp and tried a goodwill letter to Macy's and it ended up saying I was disputing. Even though I'm not so I have to call them and ask for that to be removed.
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Re: TU 04 and TU98

I don't think the version of FICO has anything to do with what shows up on your reports.


It depends on how your lender is pulling.

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