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Trying to get 750+ ...

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Re: Trying to get 750+ ...

0x47 wrote:

Question -- if we continue to only make the minimum required payments on the CCs (on time, only minimum, got to think about the down payment now) that is not going to negatively impact the FICO scores right?  I think we will probably just use the joint card for groceries, bills, etc and then pay it down to the exact balance that is reported in today's FICO numbers ($10.5K, confirmed to always report on the last business day of the month).  Until we close on a house that is, then the card gets paid off by December.

Aside from the current negative impact of util, it won't get any worse provided the balance doesn't go up. I know it's a delicate dance with balancing finances leading up to the mortgage. DW and I did the same and went cash only for a long while.

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