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Until calculation on Signature cards

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Until calculation on Signature cards

Wondering how FICO scores BOA signature cards with no limit reporting and only a high balance. My high balance is only 1/3 of my total CL. Does FICO use the high balance as the CL and base util off of that or does it disregard util calculations for that card.

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Re: Until calculation on Signature cards

This is from myFICO blog about NPSL cards and their utilization:


For NPSL accounts reporting as revolving, we'll look at an NPSL account having a credit limit of $10,000, a highest balance of $1,000 and a current balance of $500 – with the $500 current balance being the one thing reported consistently in all examples:


  • When both credit limit and highest balance are reported: utilization = 5% ($500/$10,000)
  • When credit limit is not reported and highest balance is reported: utilization = 50% ($500/$1000)
  • When neither credit limit nor highest balance are reported = account excluded from utilization
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