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Utilization question.

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Re: Utilization question.

 I’ve been monitoring my credit for eight months and I slowly increase my payment on my credit card to a 2% utilization and each month I will get one or two points ultimately I got to 729 then I finally paid all my cards and received a 0% utilization low and behold to my surprise my score went down 20 points and I am currently livid at that , by reading your post I see that the utilization of 0% is. not advise . What can I do to regain my score

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Re: Utilization question.

Welcome, @Ctat5656. Smiley Happy


Leave a small positive balance on one card. The next time it reports, your points will come back.


I'm a little concerned when you say "I finally paid all my cards." If you were paying interest on a card and the grace period hasn't yet reset, make sure the balance is on a card where interest won't kick in.

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