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Weird-New cards, some scores up, some down

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Weird-New cards, some scores up, some down

So  after my MEGA app spree over a month ago,  my scores have been all over the place.  Which I knew would happen to a certain extent.

I've gained $55K in credit, and my AAoA is about 9 mos now.


What's confusing me is, myfico EQ went from 745 to 706.  EQ was my best report, with no baddies.

EX (experiandirect, I know it's not the real fico but it does indicate the direction/trend in my credit) has gone from 670-ish to 716, with a paid collection from a year ago.

Walmart TU has gone from 641 to 674, same baddie as well.


So in a nutshell, EX and TU with the collection on each, has jumped significantly while adding the new TL's.   EQ has plummeted with the same new TL's added and 0 baddies on that report. 

One noticeable difference is the inquiries are mostly EQ.  EQ 9, TU 2, EX 1.


Thoughts, insight?

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Re: Weird-New cards, some scores up, some down

Your age of active account (a scoring factor) has greatly decreased. High scorers don't open a ton of new accounts or have an old Amex hanging in their sock-drawer. Smiley Happy


Inquiries are also factored into your score.



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Re: Weird-New cards, some scores up, some down

dekaje- i understand all that . You missed my point though.

Explain why the 70 pt swing in scores?
Ex and tu up 30-ish, EQ down 40. They are all showing the same TL's except EQ doesnt report the baddie that ex and tu report.

This spree was 10yrs in the making. Im gardening for the next year at least. Maybe 2
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Re: Weird-New cards, some scores up, some down

I think between 98 04 08, 04 versions are toughest on new accounts. Discount the Exp fako completely, i think it's one of the ones where total amount of credit factors into score.
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