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What will happen

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What will happen

How will my FICO score be affected when my BK falls off in January? Will it go up, down, or stay the same? Anybody know from experience? All my other aspects are okay, UTL low, debt to income okay and no baddies. I'm currently in the 648 to 684 range on the 3 CA's.
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Re: What will happen

Hard to tell. Probably at the moment the BK falls off, any clouds above you will part, a brilliant ray of light will shine down and illuminate you, and the ground will quiver with a cosmic "ta-daaaaa!" For 48 hours thereafter, the odds of traffic signals you encounter being red will be halved, and strangers will approach you asking for your blessing.

On a more mundane note, you'll probably gain 15 to 25 points or so on your FICO...and from this point forward, the rate of improvement month by month will probably go up as well (provided you continue to manage your credit well).
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