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When disputing lowers your score

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When disputing lowers your score

I disputed two items on my Experian credit report and now I'm worse off.  The first one was a paid/closed account I settled six years ago for less than I owed.  I didn't recognize it at first so I challenged it as an unrecognized account.  The account was validated just this month (September) but now its showing as a delinquency that's less than 30 days old.  That's right, the item has been updated with the latest validation date.  No fair!  I called Experian and they want me to send them proof of payment with payment dates etc.  Why don't they just keep what was on my report before the investigation?  Isn't that what they were trying verifying in the first place?  The second item is my student loan for college.  I challenged a 60 day tardy I had back in April of '06 and now they moved the entire account to a negative status.  I'm not even in repayment yet (my loan is deferred till I graduate) plus my credit monitoring service says they are calculating it as being 99% unpaid as though it were a maxed out credit card.  Something is wrong here.  I thought student loans don't hurt your score while they are in deferrment status.  Plus its an installment loan, how the heck do they figure I have a high balance on an installment loan that's not even in repayment?  Does anyone have any suggestions on what approach I should take to clear this up with Experian?  The phone operators are playing dumb when I call them and claim they only handle "disputes" not credit score calculations.  That's bull. They sell scores so they must have a department that inputs data into their FICO formula.
Oh, one more thing: About the settlement item I first mentioned, it's supposed to come off in May of 08 so I wonder if I should just leave that one alone and let it expire? 

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Re: When disputing lowers your score

There are some things FICO will not calculate while a TL is in dispute. Does that mean you should dispute in hopes of increasing your score? NO! This could easily backfire.

Collections and public records do not apply and are never exempt while in dispute. Smiley Happy
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