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Will Credit Builder program help?

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Will Credit Builder program help?

I've been on a program since early 2012 to help build my credit. The last payment is tomorrow 11/1.  Will this boost my score some, or make it drop? I'm at 595 now (Smiley Frustrated), was at 621 on 10/6 and still trying to figure out why it dropped to 595 on 10/24.  

I didn't do anything differently or even use my credit cards...also was not late on a payment.

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Re: Will Credit Builder program help?

Did you use your card at all??? Will this might be your actual score if you did not have a credit card before them for 2 years. Burea missing 2 years credit, and if ur rebuilding from scartch this year, its kind of like renew. Also, keep your card charge at 5% aleast.

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