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advice please! score drop 26pts -- 2nd UPDATE!

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Re: advice please! score drop 26pts --UPDATE!

@elim wrote:

@JcT21 wrote:

ahh... disputes.   not that its anything major, but i did dispute a few things.  i got my letter a few weeks ago regarding my dispute of an old telephone number and a misspelling of the street name of my address.   that was corrected, but that was roughly 3 weeks ago.   do you think those changes could have played a role in this whole thing?


ill continue to monitor my report/scores and see what happens a about a week or so when my cap1 reports a tank of gas. 


i appreciate all the help from each and every one of you!    if you guys continue to have any thoughts, please share :-)

   disputes on Personal Information won't affect your scores.

What PI do you dispute? Is that sort of a shady way to beat the system to avoid cost of purchasing it?


I did notice that my middle initial on TU is "L" instead of "A" however it appears I have to contact them directly for that PI correction and doubt it would be a legit reason to get a free report.

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Re: advice please! score drop 26pts -- 2nd UPDATE!

update 6-26


seems that $31 tank of gas has reported and just like that, my score rebounds 30 points.  a 4 point gain from the 26 loss, just for letting $31 report.   my TU and EQ stayed the same.  glad my experian jumped back to normal.  


lesson learned.  always let something report, paying off to 0 balance / 0% utilization will drop the score.  atleast in my case.

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Re: advice please! score drop 26pts -- 2nd UPDATE!

Congratulations! Good to hear things are back and better.

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