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experian dropped need advice

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experian dropped need advice

So my wife added me as an authorized user to her two capital ones cards that have a 4 year history and never a late payment. the issue is i noticed these cards are maxed out (over limit by $4). so my scored dropped a total of 31 points and that seems to be the only difference. The question is that if i pay these cards down to 8 percent while my score go up more than the 31 points i lost from added them. or will i gain more than what i lost. they are the only two credit cards reporting on my report. btw it was a fico 8 from expierian.

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Re: experian dropped need advice

Usually in most cases what you lose with a high util %. You'll get back once its back down to normal. (<8.99%) Util has no memory.

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Re: experian dropped need advice

Impossible to tell OP without you providing more information.  You'd more than likely get back the lost points if the utilization was fixed and brought to an ideal place, but as to whether or not you'd see a positive net gain no one can be sure.  If you list all of your accounts with balances before/after the AU account(s) are added that would be a great start, as well as your before/after AAoA and AoOA.

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