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fico scoring is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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fico scoring is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have come to the realization of throwing good money at score watch or any other company is a complete waste of money!  My story:


last month credit karma showed my trans risk score to be 647(I know it's not real score)TU


signed up after the above score for score watch and paid the extra 15 bucks for trans union score--my fico showed trans union as 680


after buying the above TU score a baddie fell off--credit karma score went from 647 to 682--a jump of 35 pts


thinking this probably had the same effect on the myfico TU score--thinking it would jump up 35 pts to maybe 715 or so--not!!!!!!!!!


Applied for wallmart STORE card last week and got 600cl


got card in the mail yesterday and signed up on line----wallmart fico 642????????????????


Nothing has changed on my cr ---util 4%--tu inquires 2--confused,pissed off, and frustrated with whole process---rebuilding sucks!!!!

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Re: fico scoring is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be quite frank, I've always considered the myFico TU98 a FAKO! I don't think anyone uses it. The walmart FICO is a TU08 which is probably closer to the TU04 most lenders use. 


You wouldn't be the first to notice huge differences btw your 98, 08 and 04. Cheer up though, I think in the end, focus on trends,  your report itself (clean as possible) and letting lines age. The SCORE (which ever one it is) will reflect that in the end. 

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Re: fico scoring is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP, you are comparing two different FICO scores....a TU98 and a TU08. Plus you are pulling at different times and things could have happened to your CR to influence the score like changes in util or a dropped collection (which can drop your scores in some examples...depends on the reporting.


I don't consider TU98 or TU08 a FAKO, but TU98 is used much more than TU08, or at least as of last spring. You are more apt to find a lender pulling TU98 than TU08.



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Re: fico scoring is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The fico EQ score matched perfectly to the EQ score that my mortgage lender pulled. But my TU score did not match because this site provides TU98 and my lender pulled TU04. Your EX fico can only be pulled by a lender. An when you shop for a car, your score will be different as well because the dealer uses an autoehanced score, which weights your auto trade lines more heavily.

I'm not sure why you are so upset. You did get approved for the Walmart store card.

I still consider the scores provided on this site to be very valuable. My EQ fico is what preapproved me for a mortgage and the score provided on this site matches the lender's score perfectly. So if my scores are pulled before closing, I know exactly what number the lender is going to see as I have score watch and have been able to monitor it. This has greatly eased my fears knowing my score is still good a month (actually, my score didn't change from the value at preapproval despite updates to my credit report) after applying for the mortgage.
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Re: fico scoring is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get all the FICOs you want but the one that matters is the one a creditor pulls. No doubt it sucks. Just as previous posters said, clean the report and the scores will follow.

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