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how will my accounts aging to 1 year affect my score

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Re: how will my accounts aging to 1 year affect my score

@Anonymous wrote:
I appreciate your feedback. You are very helpful but I did already know about what you said.
I dont pay as much attention to my FICO8 as I do my mortgage scores but the benefit of seeing my fico8 increase is nice.

We intend to apply for a mortgage when our scores reach 640 which is what we need for the loan and homebuyer program we will be using.

As far as score drop from AAOA we didnt see much of one, even in mortgage scores. We have seen more increases than decreases. We are stalled out right now because we have to pay a settlement on a large loan that went into default in 2015 and a smaller collection from the same year. Once those are paid the biggest wall for us will be overcome.
And I know uti and card balances are different. AZEO is a well discussed topic on the forums. And the one should be a non store card that reports less than 8.99%
I appreciate your feedback. I learn a lot from the boards. Still learning things every day.

OK good luck with it.

Total revolving limits 657200 (536700 reporting) FICO 8: EQ 706 TU 710 EX 708

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