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settlement one inquiries

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settlement one inquiries

This is where my bank gets our scores. Know anything about it. How they Score?

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Re: settlement one inquiries

CR information obtained through an inquiry is based on the contents of your credit file with the CRA through which they pull your CR.  Aside from the formatting of that information by the vendor of the credit report they receive, the information would be the same, regardless of the vendor.


The score you receive, again, is usually not generated by the vendor of the CR.  It is generated based on the type of score you order, and thus who produced the scoring algorithm.  If what you ordered is a true FICO score based on, for example, the data in your TU credit file, you would get a score based on that data and the Fair Isaac scoring algorithm, neither of which are produced by the vendor themselves.


The raw data they pull wont vary, again except for detail of content, based on who pulls it.  The score they purchase will vary dependent upon who produced it.

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