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simulator right and wrong

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simulator right and wrong

I simulated my trans and Equifax if I was to pay my entire debt on cc's.
So after doing so I checked my report, my Equifax jumped inside the range that the simulator gave (96 points). However my TU moved 1 point. Simulator said it should be between 50 to 70 points higher. Both reports are identical as far as accounts and other info etc.

Does it take more time for one to change the score than the other even after the info has been reported to both and is showing exact same updated info ?

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Re: simulator right and wrong

One word....  "Simulate".....   another term that would most accurately describe the caluclator...."Estimate"

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Re: simulator right and wrong

Nothing I do on CK will make my score bump more than 1 point on the simulator.  Smiley Happy

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Re: simulator right and wrong

Ok so here's the deal. The loan agent said after she ran my report it was only one point different from before I paid all my loans off etc. All the other CB's EQ and EX updated but TU didn't, I asked her is the info the same on all 3 CB reports, she said yep. So I thought something was not right so I paid the 20 again and come to find out it hadn't updated. I called the company's lacking the info on my TU report and asked them to update asap. 48hrs later TU report was right and my score was inside the simulator range.

Some added notes of learning on my part.
Check your self.
It true if your fico on says is exactly what the leaders see to the point.
Use and if your checking status to your report changes instead of paying 20$ just to see if the changes have even posted. Once you get an update from karma or quizzle then it should be time to pay for your fico score. Remember you have to refresh your score each day manually, sometimes it doesn't auto update.
Creditkarma and quizzle scoring is basically a joke. After a 100 point jump to my fico score my plus score didn't move and vantage score moved 15points. Useless.
I paid $1 for my EX at their website however again useless scoring but report info is useful.

Bottom line.
Simulator was completely in range on both my scores however it was on the lower end of the middle of the range.

Hope this clears things up and saves someone a few dollars.
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