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Community Ranks


Community Ranks

Community Ranks – Moderators and Community Roles


The community ranks for myFICO are listed below in order from the highest achievable rank at the top to the lowest rank for a new member at the bottom:




The community is moderated by Khoros, a third-party company that helps facilitate the myFICO® Forums.


  1. Credit Mentor
  2. Community Leader
  3. Legendary Contributor
  4. Epic Contributor
  5. Mega Contributor
  6. Super Contributor
  7. Senior Contributor
  8. Valued Contributor
  9. Established Contributor
  10. Frequent Contributor
  11. Regular Contributor - Use of custom avatar granted
  12. Contributor
  13. New Contributor
  14. Valued Member
  15. Established Member
  16. Member - Use of images and signature granted
  17. New Member
  18. Valued Visitor
  19. Established Visitor
  20. Visitor
  21. New Visitor


If you would like to be considered for a Community Credit Mentor or a Community Leader position, you must meet the requirements of a Frequent Contributor. 

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