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Dark Mode

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Dark Mode

Is there one? If so can you please let me know how to implement it? If there is not, could you please look into allowing this as an option?


I just logged on at night in a dark room and it is bright af.



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Re: Dark Mode

Hey Brian,


This was really cool actually. I had Dark Mode set in both my phone and my Windows settings when I went to check like the link suggested. I couldn't get it to work after restarting on either device. I looked for a bit for this issue online.


I use Chrome and found this setting that seemed to do the trick. If you put this in you the address bar of Chrome and hit Enter it will open a menu where you can change a setting for "Force Dark Mode for Web Contents". It was set to "Default" for me and setting it to "Enabled" and then restarting everything worked.


Thanks again for the idea! Looks like I had the setting checked the whole time but something in my Chrome settings wasn't allowing it.

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