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Private Forums?

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Re: Private Forums?

The best thing to do is ignore. I have met many people in person like you are describing. They are so terribly unhappy they have to verbally and controllably punish other people as they mentally do to them selves to not feel bad about it. You will only give them pleasure in fighting with them. They, on the inside are doing enough harm. Trust me, don't be frustrated, understand and feel quiet pity. If anger is what you feel, take some sad comfort they are living with them selves on a daily basis in pure misery.
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Re: Private Forums?

Or ask the almighty admins to ban them Smiley Happy Much quicker and can be very effective
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Re: Private Forums?

If you are attacked by a troll, the best tactic is to not respond on the forum. PM a moderator. Responding just gives "justification" to the troll, who can then post further flames and claim he/she is merely responding to others' insults. If there are no retaliatory posts, the troll's guilt is obvious because his or her posts are the only hostile entries within the thread.

Rest assured we will respond. New users who may be used to more "wild" and unmoderated forums will be given some warnings and the chance to adjust to the way we do things, but those who refuse to mend their ways, or who obviously are here to cause trouble, will receive progressive warnings and then bans fairly quickly.

So, please don't feed the trolls. Report them.
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Re: Private Forums?

MidnightVoice wrote:
Or ask the almighty admins to ban them Smiley Happy Much quicker and can be very effective

I'm all for that!
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Re: Private Forums?

FICO_Focused wrote:

trinigal wrote:
Sorry Rob, I'm guilty of going off topicSmiley Sad
I'll control myself, just I really like you guys and I try to bring a touch of my personality to the boards is all. 

You're hillarious! Smiley Very Happy
I was referring to the trolling of some other Roberts on the boards...Smiley Tongue

You mean I can blab on???  YES!!!!Smiley Very Happy
It pleases my heart to know I do not contribute to your frustrations.  I'm here to bring a little island sunshine where I can.

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Re: Private Forums?

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