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Signature help

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Signature help

Hey folks!


As you can see by my signature I've managed to get a few cool elements into it, however I only know enough HTML to be dangerous so I could use a bit of help making a 'good' siggy into a 'great' siggy.  What I would like to do is this:


1. display the 3 lines of text underneath the row of cards, rather than beside it - if there's not enough room for that, I would settle for the text not being vertically offset from the cards, it's visually jarring


2. correct the 'Follow my Journey' link to open the page in a new tab, rather than the same window


3. display the garden club icon on the same line as the cards with no vertical offset, just placing the club icon on the right, and the cards on the left


Thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions!

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Re: Signature help

Hi TygerHawke, items 1 and 3 are related. The reason that the three pieces are vertically offset is back of the line breaks ( <br> ) that are between them. The HTML is telling the pieces to align left and right of each other, but then add a line between them. If you were to remove the line breaks the pieces would vertically align themselves. Unfortunately doing this would not allow for the text to be placed bellow the rest of the content since you need the line breaks to define those new lines.


My recommendation, though a very inelegant one, would be to remove the line break from between the garden icon and the cards, and add a bunch of line breaks between the cards and the text. You will need to add enough so that it pushes the text down to the point that the left aligned cards are no longer vertically aligned with the text at all. This should align the cards with the icon and push the text bellow the cards.


As for item 2 simply add target="_blank" to the URL.

<a href="URL" target="_blank">Text</a>

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Re: Signature help

Thanks for your help!


suggestions for 1 and 2 worked perfectly - as for 3, turns out there is only enough room for 2 lines of text, so I consolidated...and it looks pretty good  Smiley Happy

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Re: Signature help

I need help with even getting the pictures, lol I have nothing

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Re: Signature help

Shermondria wrote:

I need help with even getting the pictures, lol I have nothing

You first have to rank up higher with more posts before the system will grant you the permissions needed to do it.

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