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Want to change your user name? Here’s how

Moderator Emeritus

Want to change your user name? Here’s how

If you have decided for one reason or another that it is time to change your user name, you have two options to get this done.  You can either start a new thread here requesting a new one and telling us what new name you want.  A Moderator will be along before too long to assist you. Your second option is to private message one of the Moderators requesting assistance. To save both you and us some time, please check to see if the new user name you want is not already being used. To do this, conduct a forum search for the new name by selecting ‘Users’ from the drop down menu in the search box and entering the name you are trying to change to. If you get no responses then you’re good to go. If the new one you want is already in use then you must choose another by altering it completely or adding an identifier like ‘username123’ instead of just ‘username’. 


Please remember that for for privacy reasons full names cannot be used and as always profanity in any form is not allowed.

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